Delence provides predictive IT infrastructure (combination of servers, databases, applications and network) monitoring software that is able to anticipate or predict in real time when and where performance of specific components of infrastructure will degrade or fail. The company delivers product in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, which will enable it to sell to a broad range of clients.


Delence is currently in beta testing with several companies and expect to release commercial version of product in the second quarter of 2010.


Delence’s software allows IT teams to predict with a high level of accuracy (often over 95% accuracy) IT related performance issues well in advance, and thereby remedy problems before they occur. This not only reduces impact on an organizations’ business performance, but also improves customer satisfaction. Further, via our “ProblemPediaTM” capability, software is able to correlate textual communications utilized in the past to rectify an IT issue and provide a compendium of solutions related to each problem to expedite remediation of predicted issue.

Our Key differentiators are:

  • Accuracy: Able to provide a very high level (often >95%) of confidence in prediction of a systems performance degradation. So far, no one in the industry can offer this.

  • Adequate Warning Time: Able to make performance degradation predictions as much as 8-10 hrs in advance coupled with a quantified probability of occurrence minimizing false alerts.

  • Quicker Deployment and Lowered IT Budget Requirements: Software-as-a-Service model allows for quicker deployment and improved prediction knowledge by pooling non-confidential data from across major base of clients – competitors cannot offer a SaaS option due to their technological approach.

  • Expedite Problem Resolution: ProblemPedia™ is able to automatically create a compendium of past resolutions to predicted problems, thereby expediting problem resolution.

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